"Salzgrotte" Halocenter

We kindly invite you to visit halo center Salzgrotte, the exclusive distributor of German company Aeromed-Genesung GmbH in Armenia.


Indications for halotherapy respiratory diseases, prevention of common respiratory diseases, influenza, acute bronchitis and recurrent pneumonia, hay fever, diseases associated with "occupational hazards" (cough, etc.),smoking, bronchial asthma; prevention of viral respiratory infections and acute respiratory infections; ENT-pathology: vasomotor and allergic rhinitis, adenoids, rhinosinusopathy, pharyngitis; allergic and chronic rhinitis, chronic pharyngitis, tubootitis skin pathology; atopic dermatŠ¾sis, neurodermitis, psoriasis, eczema, hyper secretion of sebum, pustular skin lesions, acne; combined cardiovascular disease, cardio-vascular dystonia; increased sensitivity to stress; nervous disorders.

Halohygiene: Acne (acne), cellulites, skin fading, hair diseases, prevention of aging. Currently Aeromed-Genesung GmbH is one of the leading companies specialized in development and manufacture of equipment for halotherapy, rehabilitation, prevention and treatment through controlled breathing environments. It offers new and effective methods for prevention of respiratory diseases and rehabilitation of children, teenagers and adults.